Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Monkey

Ahhhh, my little monkey.  You are 14 months.  Every night when I put you to bed, I literally feel like I am trying to coax down a chimpanzee.  You make me laugh on the inside.  Sitting there in the dark, I know I have to put on a calm exterior to help you get to sleep, but sometimes I slip.

Tonight I nursed you in the rocking chair as I always do and you were groggy.  You rubbed your eyes and snuggled and happily nursed, then in a split second you were standing in my lap jumping up and down and laughing while clapping your hands.  You are such a funny little guy.

So charming too.  Everywhere we go, people are sucked into your charm.  You have the sweetest smile, the most engaging eyes.  Sweet, sweet boy.

At home we hang on your every word.  You have so many of them now..I love you, Indi, Where's Indi, read book, bath, water, baby, Mommy, Daddy, thank you, bye, hello, yellow, and probably more than that.  I can never seem to remember them all.

Today we went to Gymboree and you had so much fun finally getting to be with other babies your age.  I feel terrible that I neglected your budding social life this long.  It's hard being the second child in this way....just kind of drifting along and getting tangled into your brother's activities instead of having your own.  We are changing that now though.  Gymboree!  We will be guaranteed some special time without your brother.  You love your brother and he loves you, but it sure is nice to get special one on one time.

I love you with all my heart little one.

Love, love, love,


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